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Dual vs Duel

Dual vs Duel. A duel is an outdated, barbaric way to settle disputes. Settle all of your writing disputes with ErrNET, the world’s leading copyediting program!

Dual is composed or consisting of two people, items, parts, etc., together; twofold; double.

Duel as a noun is a prearranged combat between two persons, fought with deadly weapons according to an accepted code of procedure, especially to settle a private quarrel; any contest between two persons or parties.
Duel as a verb is to fight a duel.

Because dual and duel are pronounced the same, they are often misused in English writing. There is no need to arrange a duel with your writing errors, just let ErrNET copyediting technology take care of them!

Dual sentence examples:

The dual entrance for the mansion’s driveway made it much easier for guests to enter and exit.

Her dual citizenship allowed her to vote in both countries.

The drug was designed to have a dual effect to treat both depression and anxiety.

The new computer with a dual processor is at least five times faster than the previous single-processor version.

The dual government experiment that would potentially satisfy the political goals of both the Democratic and Republican Parties was a complete fiasco.

Duel sentence examples:

The new movie that got so much hype basically sucked, except for the exciting duel scene at the end.

It was very common and barbaric in the Old West to challenge someone to a deadly duel to settle any dispute.

The famous, undefeated fencing champion was finally defeated in his last duel with an up and coming fencing star.

The unskilled gunslinger realized that there was no way in hell he would win the gunfight and decided to forfeit the duel at the last moment.

When we have a private moment, I promise you that we will duel over our differences of opinion on the matter.

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