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Dyeing vs Dying

Dyeing vs Dying. The clothing company was dying to know their competitor’s dyeing process. ErrNET technology is dying to correct your writing errors!

Dyeing is a process of coloring fibers, yarns, or fabrics.

Dying is ceasing to live; approaching death; expiring.

Because dyeing and dying have identical pronunciations, they are often misused in English writing. You will never misuse these words again if you use ErrNET copyediting technology to check your writing!

Dyeing sentence examples:

Because the cloth was treated with a special coating, it was resistant to staining and dyeing.

Grey and brown colors are obtained either by using undyed wool or by dyeing the yarns with extracts from nutshells and oak bark.

The producers of the movie wanted to give the actress the leading role but informed her that dyeing her hair red would guarantee her the part.

The fugitives decided that dyeing their hair and growing beards would help them avoid detection from citizens and the law.

She felt a sudden desire to dye her hair blonde and keep dyeing it every day so that the roots would never show.

The T-shirt dyeing process needed to be modified because the colors were too faint.

Dying sentence examples:

There is nothing worse than witnessing someone dying.

Unfortunately, her voice was too faint for him to hear her dying words.

The number of people dying each day in a motor vehicle accident continues to rise.

Because of fierce competition and a continual drop in sales, the company was slowly dying .

They were all dying of laughter after successfully pulling off the practical joke that they had planned for months.

Many people are dying in this town because some drug dealer is selling bad drugs.

Her dramatic son would yell out that he was dying every time he had a minor injury, such as a bump on his head, a scratch or skinned knee.

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