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Elicit vs Illicit

Elicit vs Illicit. The illicit activity of the School Board elicited a violent reaction from the student’s parents. Obey the rules of writing with ErrNET!

Elicit is evoke or draw out (a response, answer, or fact) from someone in reaction to one’s own actions or questions.

Illicit is not legally permitted or authorized; unlawful.

Because of their similar spellings and pronunciations, elicit and illicit are frequently misused in English writing. To elicit your best writing, use ErrNET copyediting technology!

Elicit sentence examples:

A great coach will always elicit the optimum athletic performance from each of his/her players.

The human body contains many hormones that elicit specific cellular responses.

Hours of intensive interrogation will eventually elicit a confession from the criminal.

A good comedian will elicit a laugh or cheer from the audience for every joke told.

The politician wanted to elicit sympathy votes, so she told the tory of her battle with cancer a few days before the election.

The charity uses starving children in their television commercials to elicit donations to their organization.

If I can just elicit support from all of the board members, I know that I will get my proposal approved.

Gruesome crime scene photos would never elicit a response from the hardened homicide detective.

Illicit sentence examples:

Bars and nightclubs are a common location for illicit activities.

Drugs are illicit because they do incredible harm to humans and are the source of many violent crimes.

I suspect there is some illicit activity going on at my neighbor’s house since people are in and out of there at all times of the night.

He was a convicted felon and was arrested for the illicit possession of a firearm.

Illicit drug use is so widespread that it is nearly impossible to control.

Illicit trade with any foreign country comes with serious punishment.

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