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Emanate vs Eminent

Emanate vs Eminent. Military officers that emanate from military schools typically acquire eminent positions. Put your writing in an eminent position with ErrNET!

Emanate is a verb that means to issue or spread out from a source; originate from; be produced by; give out or emit.

Eminent is and adjective that means high in rank; prominent; distinguished.

Because of their similar spellings and pronunciations, emanate and eminent are frequently misused in English writing, but will no longer be if you use ErrNET, the world’s most powerful copyediting technology!

Emanate sentence examples:

We need a new fireplace that will emanate heat throughout the entire room.

Hopefully, the good memories of the company junket will emanate throughout the office and give the employees a positive outlook.

The bright light on the porch seems to emanate through the neighbor’s bedroom windows; oops!

After the hurricane, the east coast insurance office will process any claims that emanate from within the southern part of the United States.

Happiness seemed to emanate from the bride and groom on their wedding day.

The amazing aromas from the Italian restaurant beneath me usually emanate in to my apartment every evening.

Eminent sentence examples:

This award is very prestigious and is only awarded to the most eminent people in the arts and sciences.

This essay includes excerpts from the opinions expressed by some eminent personalities.

The three finalists in the documentary film contest will be sent to Studio City for further training and will be groomed by eminent people in the film industry.

The new plays written by the up and coming playwright drew the attention of at least two eminent reviewers.

Overpopulation is the largest contributor to the destruction of the environment, which is supported by many eminent scientists.

Sales of a new product tend to increase rapidly when they receive positive reviews from notable and eminent people in the industry.



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