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Enquire vs Inquire

Enquire vs Inquire. If you enquire or inquire about the spelling of these words, ErrNET will inform you that both spellings, enquire and inquire, are correct!

Both spellings of this word, which means “to seek information by questioning”, are acceptable.

Enquire sentence examples:

If you need further information after the tour, please enquire at the information center.

You are not on the guest list so you will need to enquire at the ticket booth or will call to see if your sponsors left tickets for you.

A special committee of outside consultants was assembled to enquire about the questionable financial activities of the corporation.

It is usually pointless to directly enquire about an addict’s drug use habits because they will lie about it in most cases.

The inspector showed up at the construction site to enquire about the building permit and measures taken to meet all state code construction requirements.

The hotel guest stopped by the front desk to enquire if he had any messages or mail.

Inquire sentence examples:

Everyone was too polite to inquire about the embarrassing number of absentees at the keynote speaker’s presentation.

The United States District Attorney will inquire about rumors of evidence tampering and other wrongdoings by the prosecutors during the trial.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received numerous complaints about the company and will inquire about their allegations of false advertising and other fraudulent activities.

Once the family moves to the new city, the parents will inquire about good local schools for their children.

The middle-aged man was having a mid-life crisis and decided to purchase a motorcycle, so he frantically began calling local dealerships to inquire about pricing.

Several people called today to inquire about the bike I am selling.

Your boss called to inquire about your illness and when you would be back at work.



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