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Facts vs Fax

Facts vs Fax. The facts of the case were faxed to the attorney’s office. The facts are that ErrNET is simply the best copyediting technology!

Facts are things that actually exist; truths known by actual experience or observations.

Fax is short for ‘facsimile’: technology that sends images via a telephone line.

Facts and fax are types of homonyms called heterographs, which are words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. The facts are that you should check all of your writing with ErrNET copyediting technology to avoid writing errors!

Facts sentence examples:

The facts of the case are that the prosecution simply does not have enough forensic evidence to link the suspect to the crime.

The facts are that this company is still losing money each year and that we should seriously consider selling it or declaring bankruptcy.

Please check your facts again because I believe you are incorrect.

I appreciate your thoughts and ideas but please just give me the facts.

Death and taxes are simple facts of life.

Before you proceed with this experiment, you must first read the literature and get your facts straight.

The longstanding scientific facts are now being challenged by some novel experiments.

The facts are that he is too old to continue playing professional football.

Fax sentence examples:

Can you please resend your fax because it is illegible.

The fax machine is broken again so I think it time to get a new one.

E-mail attachments have essentially replaced the old fax system.

What is your fax number please?

You must have a fax machine to receive orders.

We did not receive a letter, email or fax from you.

Some airlines provide in-flight phone and fax services.

It seems that the government is the only institution that still requires that information be sent via fax.

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