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Faux vs Foe

Faux vs Foe. A faux friend is much worse than a clear-cut foe. ErrNET copyediting technology will always be a true friend to your writing, guaranteed!

Faux is artificial or imitation; fake.

Foe is a person who feels enmity, hatred, or malice toward another; enemy.

Faux and foe have identical pronunciations and are frequently misused in writing. Please use ErrNET copyediting technology to check all of your writing to be certain that you never misuse these words!

Faux sentence examples:

I can spot a faux Louis Vuitton bag a mile away.

Try bronze and apricot colors on your eyes, lips and cheeks for an irresistible faux glow.

Do you have any tips for choosing faux leather with a more realistic appearance?

I committed a major faux pas during the meeting last week that I know my co-workers will never let me forget.

There is nothing worse for you then faux, processed food out of a bag or can.

Faux leather car seats just don’t have the same look, feel, and smell as real leather.

Foe sentence examples:

Friend and foe alike would agree that he was a human tidal wave.

Japan has been studying its seismic foe for years, but subsequent generations often forget the lessons of past earthquakes.

We often look at our relationships in terms of extremes; someone is either a friend or a foe.

Luke took the high road and apologized to his foe for picking a fight, then shook his hand.

Trust is rudimentary in any interpersonal relationship and once it’s broken, a friend can quickly become a foe.

She burned that bridge and created a permanent foe out of what I thought would be a lifelong friendship.

Although he considered his opponent a foe, he had a level of respect for him that you don’t see in most friendships.

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