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Formally vs Formerly

Formally vs Formerly. Formerly, the patrons were formally greeted until new management took over. Formally introduce yourself to ErrNET for error-free writing!

Formally is an adverb that means in accordance with the rules of convention or etiquette; officially.

Formerly is an adverb that means in time past; in an earlier period or age; previously.

Because of their similar spellings and pronunciations, formally and formerly are often misused in English writing. The most common mistake with these words is the spelling of “formerly” as “formally”. To avoid making this mistake in your writing, be sure to check your work with ErrNET copyediting technology!

Formally sentence examples:

To be considered for this position, you will need to formally submit an application.

He was formally attired for the event.

I don’t believe that we have formally met.

The independence of the country was not formally acknowledged until 1863.

He was imprisoned in 1754, and then formally accused of his crime in 1756.

To attend this party, you must be formally invited by an invitation.

The athlete will be formally inducted in to the Hall of Fame next Saturday.

Formerly sentence examples:

This building was formerly used for storage.

The small cottage behind the main house is where the housekeeping staff had formerly lived.

The rock musician Prince goes by a symbol now and is introduced as the “artist formerly known as Prince.”

Formerly, the town’s local newspaper was run primarily by volunteers until it was purchased by a large publishing corporation.

The apartment building’s landlord was formerly with the local fire department and knew exactly what to do to pass the fire marshal’s inspection.

I had formerly met them but they apparently don’t remember me.

She formerly grew her own fruits, vegetables, and herbs but it became too time consuming so she stopped.

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