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Graft vs Graphed

Graft vs Graphed. The physician experimented with a new skin graft technique and graphed the results. Transform your writing with ErrNET proofreading!

Graft as a noun is a shoot or twig inserted into a slit on the trunk or stem of a living plant, from which it receives sap; a piece of living tissue that is transplanted surgically.
Graft as a verb is to insert (a shoot or twig) as a graft; transplant (living tissue) as a graft.

Graphed is a verb and the past tense form of “graph” and means to plot or trace on a graph.

Graft and graphed have identical pronunciations but different spellings and meanings. Be careful because these words can easily be confused and misused in your writing. If you never want to make this mistake, then please use ErrNET copyediting technology to check your writing!

Graft sentence examples:

The plant’s graft appeared to be turning brown, which indicated that it was lacking water and would likely die.

The human thigh and buttocks are generally considered to be ideal donor sites for a skin graft.

The scientists were hoping that their novel graft experiments with plants would provide new insights in to the basic characteristics of plant immunology.

A skin graft for a burn victim is not considered until the patient is fully healed from his or her wounds, which can take up to a year.

Before a skin graft is applied, it is first run through a machine to stretch it and put holes in it for maximal coverage and proper ventilation and circulation.

Graphed sentence examples:

The scientist graphed the results of the experiment for her own purposes, and for a clearer presentation of the data.

The company’s financial reports were graphed by a statistician to show the board members and the executives where they were losing money.

She graphed her workouts in her personal journal to accurately track her fitness progress.

The poorly graphed data made it very difficult to interpret.

The profit and losses are clearly graphed on page 12 of the corporation’s prospectus.



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