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Grate vs Great

Grate vs Great. A great culinary technique is to grate garlic in to a paste. Don’t let your writing errors grate on you, use ErrNET copyediting technology!

Grate as a verb is to reduce (something, especially food) to small shreds by rubbing it on a grater.
Grate as a noun is the recess of a fireplace or furnace; a metal frame confining fuel in a fireplace or furnace.

Great as an adjective is of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average; of ability, quality, or eminence considerably above the normal or average.
Great as a noun is a great or distinguished person.

Grate and great have the same pronunciations but different meanings and spellings and can easily be misused in your writing. Make your writing great with ErrNET proofreading technology!

Grate sentence examples:

He interrupted me so many times that it was really starting to grate on my nerves.

After you grate the cheese, I will sprinkle it on top of the casserole and then melt it under the broiler.

Chef Nancy prefers to grate rather than slice, crush, or mince garlic because she claims that this technique gets more flavor out of the clove.

The flames of the roaring fire got so large that it turned the fireplace grate white hot.

The antique fireplace grate was made of gold and recently sold at a Sotheby’s auction for over $2 million.

Great sentence examples:

It is so great to be home where I can finally take a load off and relax.

The great Rio Grande river, which forms part of the Mexico-United States border, is the fourth largest river in North America with a length of 1,896 miles.

Peter the Great ruled the Tsardom of Russia, and later the Russian Empire from 1682 until his death in 1696.

It seems easy enough to just do the right thing in life but this is unfortunately a great challenge for most humans.

It is often difficult to determine where exactly great ideas come from.

Wayne Gretsky is the greatest ice hockey player of all time, which earned him the nickname “The Great One.”



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