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Groan vs Grown

Groan vs Grown. His groan had quite a high pitch for a grown man. Take the groans out of proofreading and automate it with ErrNET copyediting technology!

Groan as a verb is to make a deep inarticulate sound in response to pain or despair.
Groan as a noun is a deep, inarticulate sound made in pain or despair.

Grown is the past participle of the verb “grow”, which means (of a living thing) undergo natural development by increasing in size and changing physically; progress to maturity; become larger or greater over a period; increase.

Groan and grown have the same pronunciations but different meanings and spellings. They are easily mixed up and misused in writing. You will never have to worry about making this mistake with ErrNET copyediting technology!

Groan sentence examples:

The boss hoped that his employees don’t moan and groan about the new parking policy.

When his alarm went off at 6 AM, he shut it off, let out a long groan and went back to sleep.

The intensive care unit patient would regularly groan in pain.

The shooting victim was still alive at the scene what the police showed up but when they tried to question her, she let out a deep groan and passed away.

If you don’t groan at least one time during your workouts, then you are not working out hard enough.

Grown sentence examples:

Even though I’m a grown man at 57 years old, my parents still treat me like a child.

The tree that I planted in my parent’s back yard has grown at least four feet since I last saw it.

I can’t believe that our kids are all grown up now.

She has grown so much as a person after being through several unhealthy relationships.

The first thing my senile aunt would always say to me is that I have grown so much, which is fine, but she has been saying this to me for the past 20 years.



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