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Hardy vs Hearty

Hardy vs Hearty. The nomads turned the hardy vegetation they collected on their travels in to a hearty soup. Warm your writing’s heart with ErrNET copyediting!

Hardy is an adjective that means robust; capable of enduring difficult conditions; (of a plant) able to survive outside during winter.

Hearty is an adjective that means “(of a person or their behavior) loudly vigorous and cheerful; (of a feeling or an opinion) heartfelt; (of food) wholesome and substantial; (of a person’s appetite) robust and healthy.

Hardy and hearty have identical pronunciations but different meanings and spellings. These words are often confused and misused in English writing. If you never want to make this mistake in your writing, then check your work with ErrNET copyediting technology!

Hardy sentence examples:

My father, at ninety-five years old, is healthy, hardy and fit as a fiddle.

The geneticists planned to genetically engineer the plant so it would be hardy and grow in harsh conditions.

A hardy soul can endure any hardship or setback.

The horse breeder was famous for producing very hardy horses.

The hardy tree in our front yard has lived for over one hundred years.

Hearty sentence examples:

I’m going to need a more hearty meal because sushi doesn’t fill me up and I’ll just be hungry in an hour anyway.

The young gymnast received hearty congratulations from her neighborhood when she qualified for the Olympics.

The bar regular was hilarious, hearty, and boisterous, especially when he had a few drinks in him.

I love a good hearty soup during the fall and winter seasons.

The hearty 40 year-old man actually made it through Navy Seal training, and was the oldest individual to ever achieve this feat.

I generally have a very hearty appetite, and in fact I am so hungry right now that I could eat three steaks.



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