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Haute vs Oat

Haute vs Oat. Oat was recently announced as the haute color for 2016. Be fashionable and dress your writing up with ErrNET copyediting technology!

Haute is an adjective that means fashionably elegant or high-class.

Oat is a noun that means a cereal plant cultivated chiefly in cool climates and widely used for animal feed as well as human consumption; the grain yielded by this, used as food; used in names of wild grasses related to the cultivated oat, e.g., wild oat.

Haute and oat have identical pronunciations but different meanings and spellings. To avoid misusing these words in your writing, please use ErrNET copyediting technology to check your work!

Haute sentence examples:

The haute couture clothing boutique in Beverly Hills catered to many Hollywood stars and the very wealthy.

Haute Living” is a luxury lifestyle magazine that was founded in 2004 and is based in Miami, Florida.

The haute socialite was dressed to the nines for the big event.

The haute, sixty-floor hotel in New York City was just completed and will be open for business in a few months.

The haute femme fatale was dressed to kill and was out on a mission that night.

Oat sentence examples:

I’m not much of a processed food eater, but the new oat-based breakfast bar appeared to be a pretty healthy snack.

When I see the word oat on any cereal package, I usually purchase it because I know it is a healthy choice.

Oat cultivators must be making a fortune in this new health-conscious world.

My doctor told me that I need to start eating more oat-based foods to lower my overall cholesterol and increase my HDL, i.e., the good cholesterol.

The oat crop suffered tremendously with this year’s harsh weather conditions.

I prefer to use hot milk rather than hot water with my oat cereal in the morning.



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