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Hole vs Whole

Hole vs Whole. The hole he dug was deep enough to bury the whole base of the tree. Branch out and achieve perfection with your writing with ErrNET copyediting!

Hole is a noun that means a hollow place in a solid body or surface; an animal’s burrow; an aperture passing through something; a cavity or receptacle on a golf course, typically one of eighteen or nine, into which the ball must be hit; (informal) a small or unpleasant place; (informal) an awkward situation..

Whole as an adjective is all of; entire; in an unbroken or undamaged state; in one piece.
Whole as a noun is a thing that is complete in itself; all of something used.
Whole as an adverb is to emphasize the novelty or distinctness of something.

Hole and whole are types of homonyms called heterographs, which are words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. These words are often confused and misused in English writing. Don’t get yourself in a hole with writing errors, use ErrNET, the world’s most advanced copyediting technology!

Hole sentence examples:

He dug himself quite a hole when he told his wife that the dress she was wearing made her look plump.

The hole in her black sweater over her white shirt was quite obvious to everyone at the table.

My abusive father made me dig a six-by-six foot deep hole in the back yard just to be an asshole.

The loss of her child left a permanent hole in her heart.

The child fell into a deep hole and was stuck there for hours before he was rescued.

Hole” was the name of alternative rock band led by Courtney Love.

Whole sentence examples:

I cannot believe that you ate the whole pie!

Because I was abused as a child, I do not feel like I fit in anywhere and have never felt like a whole person.

Are you going to eat that whole steak?

As a whole, I think you are a very good person.

We spent the whole winter at the mountains hiking and skiing.

I gave it the whole nine yards!

The whole country was excited when gay marriage was legalized in every US state.

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