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Leach vs Leech

Leach vs Leech. It was determined that a leech can actually leach lye from ashes without filtering. Filter your writing errors with ErrNET copyediting!

Leach is a verb that means to dissolve out soluble constituents from (ashes, soil, etc.) by percolation.

Leech as a noun is an aquatic or terrestrial annelid worm with suckers at both ends. Many species are bloodsucking parasites, especially of vertebrates, and others are predators; a person who extorts profit from or sponges on others.
Leech as a verb is to habitually exploit or rely on.

Leach and leech are types of homonyms called heterographs, which are words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. “Leach” and “leech” are two of the most commonly confused and misused words in English writing. To avoid making this mistake in your writing, use ErrNET, the world’s leading proofreading technology!

Leach sentence examples:

This new percolation process will leach a higher yield of minerals from the soil.

The next step for the geological study will be to leach the soil to determine what, if any, contaminants exist.

They tried to leach the ashes but the process failed to extract any soluble constituents.

The miners actually developed a technique will leach gold from the soil.

The scientists will leach the soil one more time, and this time will allow the percolation process to run for a longer period.

Leech sentence examples:

The predators of the Freshwater Leech include fish, turtles, crayfish, and water birds.

You need to stop being such a leech and get a job and your own place to live.

The Freshwater Leech is a parasite that feeds on the blood of fish, frogs, turtles, and mammals.

Grandma is broke so don’t leech off her anymore.

We all have that one charming friend who turns out to be a leech.

He is definitely not a leech, in fact, he is one of the most generous people that I know.

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