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Lie vs Lye

Lie vs Lye. He did not lie about using lye in the commercial food preparation process. Lie down and relax, ErrNET will take care of your writing errors!

Lie as a verb is (of a person or animal) to be in or assume a horizontal or resting position on a supporting surface.
Lie as a noun is the way, direction, or position in which something lies; an intentionally false statement.

Lye is a noun that means a strongly alkaline solution, especially of potassium hydroxide, used for washing or cleansing.

Lie and lye are types of homonyms called heterographs, which are words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. Because of their identical pronunciations and similar spellings, “lie” and “lye” easily get confused and misused in English writing. We’re not going to lie to you about ErrNET; it is the world’s leading proofreading technology!

Lie sentence examples:

I’m wiped out and need to go lie down for a while before dinner.

Please don’t ever lie to me again or I will never trust you.

Wow, you have such a great lie on the fairway.

The policeman told the driver to get out of his car and lie on the ground.

Sarah is really honest and I don’t think for a second that she would ever lie to you.

I can’t wait to go on vacation, relax and lie on the beach all day.

A lie told often enough eventually becomes the truth for pathological liars.

Lye sentence examples:

The psychopathic killer would coat his victim’s bodies with lye before he buried them to increase the rate of decomposition.

The counterfeiters were caught red handed using lye to remove the ink from $1 bills and reusing the fabric to make counterfeit $100 bills.

Lye is a major constituent in commercial and industrial oven cleaners and clogged drain openers, due to its grease-dissolving abilities.

Lye is used in making commercially available soap.

Lye is used to cure many types of food, including olives (making them less bitter), canned mandarin oranges, hominy, and pretzels.

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