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Marquee vs Marquis

Marquee vs Marquis. Le Marquis de Villemer was the current play at the local theater and advertised on their marquee. Your writing will be a star with ErrNET!

Marquee is a tall roof-like projection above a theater entrance, usually containing the name of a currently featured play or film and its stars.

Marquis is a nobleman ranking next below a duke and above an earl or count.

Marquee and marquis are types of homonyms called heterographs, which are words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. “Marquee” and “marquis” are easily confused and misused words in English writing. If you never want to make this mistake in your writing, then use ErrNET, the world’s leading copyediting technology!

Marquee sentence examples:

Every aspiring actor or actress dreams of having their name in lights on the marquee.

When the historic theater in Hollywood was torn down, its marquee was preserved and placed in a museum.

The old movie theater was converted to a restaurant and they used its marquee to post their dinner and happy hour specials.

The date for the concert on the marquee was incorrect but fortunately one of the theater employees caught this error just in the nick of time.

The advertisement on the motel marquee read “Stay one night, and get the second night free.”

Marquis sentence examples:

After the capture of Constantinople by the Latins in 1204, and the fall of the Greek Empire, Crete fell to the control of Boniface, Marquis of Montferrat, who later sold it to the Venetians.

The nobleman was appointed count in 1756, and then promoted to marquis in 1761.

Marquis de Lafayette was a French aristocrat and military officer who fought for the United States in the American Revolutionary War, and was a close friend of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson. Lafayette was also a key figure in the French Revolution of 1789 and the July Revolution of 1830.

The feature film was about a marquis who was often overlooked as an influential and significant historical figure.

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