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Mode vs Mowed

Mode vs Mowed. The lawn only gets mowed when her husband is in domestic chore mode. Mow down your writing errors with ErrNET copyediting technology!

Mode is a noun that means a way or manner in which something occurs or is experienced, expressed, or done; (computing) a way of operating or using a system; a fashion or style in clothes, art, literature, etc.; (statistics) the value that occurs most frequently in a given set of data.

Mowed is the past tense form of the verb “mow”, which means to cut down (grass, grain, etc.) with a scythe or a machine.

Mode and mowed are types of homonyms called heterographs, which are words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. “Mode” and “mowed” are easily confused and misused words in English writing. To avoid making this mistake, and thousands of others, in your writing, use ErrNET, the world’s leading proofreading technology!

Mode sentence examples:

Be sure to restart your computer in safe mode so we can diagnose the problem with the hard drive.

Most conventional and convection ovens have a self/cleaning mode.

Sleep mode is a low power mode for electronic devices such as computers, televisions, and remote controlled devices.

When Jim is in his work mode, he will focus and get everything done in an efficient manner.

Which mode of transportation do you prefer?

Of the following set of numbers [2,6,9,4,6,7,6,0], 6 is the mode, or the most frequently occurring number.

Mowed sentence examples:

Mom, I already mowed the lawn and finished all of my other chores.

The hit-and-run driver mowed down three people with his vehicle before fleeing the scene.

I love the smell of freshly mowed grass.

The car lost control and mowed down the tables in front on the cafe.

I wanted to be sure that the lawn was mowed before it started raining.

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