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Overdo vs Overdue

Overdo vs Overdue. You can overdo anything because too much of anything is not good. The ultimate copyediting program is long overdue. Please meet ErrNET!

Overdo is a verb that means do, use, or carry to excess; exaggerate; exhaust oneself by overwork or overexertion; overcook (food).

Overdue is an adjective that means not having arrived, happened, or been done by the expected time; having been needed for some time.

Overdo and overdue are types of homonyms called heterographs, which are words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. Because of their similar spellings and identical pronunciations, “overdo” and “overdue” are often confused and misused in English writing. To avoid making this mistake in your writing, use ErrNET, the world’s leading copyediting technology!

Overdo sentence examples:

Exercise is great for your health but don’t overdo it or you will likely end up getting injured.

You can overdo anything, good or bad, so my advice to you is to do everything in moderation.

Please limit yourself to three cocktails tonight because if you overdo it, you are going to hate yourself in the morning.

You need to chill out and stop calling her all the time and sending her flowers every day because if you overdo it, you will look desperate and very unattractive.

Overdue sentence examples:

Upgrading her cellphone from a flip-phone to a smartphone was long overdue.

I received a note today from my landlord that my rent is a week overdue.

The couple was overdue for a discussion of their problems with one another.

The roofing company told me that the new roof they are putting on my house was long overdue.

The dental hygienist told her patient that a teeth cleaning was long overdue.

My pregnant wife is now three weeks overdue and I am concerned.

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