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An adjective modifies (describes) a noun or pronoun.

He was anxious to get home and watch football. (the adjective “anxious” modifies the pronoun “he” in this case)
The beautiful flowers were planted in the garden with care. (the adjective “beautiful” describes/modifies the noun “flowers”)
The race was very competitive. (the adjective “competitive” modifies the noun “race”)

Adjectives can be used to make comparisons

Most one-syllable adjectives can become comparative by adding an “–er” to the end of it. For example,

brighter, slower, and stronger.

Adjectives with two or more syllables require the modifier “more” in front of them create comparative adjectives.

This group of students seemed more intelligent than the others.
He has always been more handsome than his friends.
This class is more intense than any others I have ever taken.

NOTE: Never use the word more in front of comparative adjectives ending in an “–er.”

This lightbulb is more brighter than the other one. (Incorrect)
This lightbulb is brighter than the other one. (Correct)

Adjectives can be used as superlatives

Most one-syllable adjectives can be converted to superlatives by adding “–est” to the end. For example,

the boldest, the greatest, the smartest.

For adjectives with two or more syllables, the words “the most” must precede them to become superlatives.

He is the most intelligent person I have ever met.
Dr. Smith was the most confident surgeon in the hospital.
That is the most beautiful house on the street.

NOTE: Never use the word most in front of comparative adjectives ending in “–est.”

That was the most greatest thing that has ever happened to me. (Incorrect)
That was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. (correct)


There are some irregular adjectives that are not converted to their comparative and superlative forms by adding an “-er” or “-est” at the end.

Adjective, comparing two, comparing three or more:
Bad, worse, worst
Good, better, best
Little, less, least
Much, more, most

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