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Broken Links

Broken links are hyperlinks on individual websites, or the Internet in general, that point to web pages, servers or other resources that are unavailable.

Common causes for broken links include:

  • The web page to which the link points no longer exists, which results in a 404 error.
  • The server that hosts the target page stops working or relocates to a new domain name
  • Website restructuring, redesign or changes to the underlying technology
  • Blocking from content filters or firewalls
  • Link expiration
  • Website author fails to properly type or test the link

What are the consequences of broken links? Just one broken link will drive potential customers away from your website. Imagine if an interested visitor were unable to access critical information about your product or service, download a demo or brochure, or even make a purchase due to a broken link. This will frustrate your customers and they will leave. In addition, broken links negatively affect website search engine rankings by blocking access to pertinent information that is used to accurately catalogue website relevance to keyword searches.

To check broken links, you could go through each page of your website and manually click on each link to verify that they are all working properly. However, this is not a practical solution. Depending on the size of your website, this task could take hours. In addition, links can break at any time, which means that they need to be tested daily.

Fortunately, our product ErrNET.3W® solves the broken link problem. ErrNET.3W scans your website automatically and detects and tests all links. Malfunctioning links are immediately reported to the website owner. Since broken links can occur at any time, ErrNET.3W is configured to scan your site and check for broken links daily. Since ErrNET.3W detects broken links immediately, these malfunctions can be fixed before they affect sales and professional image.

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