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Expired SSL Certificate

Expired SSL Certificates significantly disrupt online business and lower search engine rankings. Use ErrNET.3W® and your SSL Certificates will never expire!

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is a cryptographic protocol designed to secure communication between your visitors’ browsers and your website. To add an SSL certificate to a website, a unique encrypted key is generated for the site and then installed on its hosting server. This layer of protection is essential for any website that requests visitor or customer information, such as an e-mail address, and especially highly sensitive data such as a social security or credit card number. SSL protection shows your visitors that your website is secure, authentic, and trustworthy. This gives them invaluable peace of mind, especially when exchanging personal information.

A website with an expired SSL certificate, or lack of one, will cause significant problems for any online business. Without a valid certificate, your visitors’ web browsers will display a security warning message that the site is not secure. A security warning is certain to send away new visitors (potential customers) and raise doubt about your company with your existing customers. Our experiments with SSL certificates and website traffic showed an immediate 90% decrease, on average, in daily visitors after removing SSL certificates. After reinstalling valid certificates, traffic returned to previous traffic levels within a 24-hour period.

In addition to disrupting online business, an invalid SSL certificate will cause your search engine rankings to plummet quickly. Search engines do not favor insecure websites, no matter how relevant they are to keyword searches. Search engines also favor websites whose SSL certificates are not near their expiration date. SSL certificates should therefore be renewed at least a month before their expiration date to avoid a drop in search engine rankings.

ErrNET.3W® scans your website to verify that it is properly secured with an SSL Certificate. In addition, ErrNET.3W will log the expiration date of your SSL Cert, and send out multiple renewal reminders commencing at two months prior to its expiration date.

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