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Analytics is crucial for gathering key information about website traffic and customer behavior. ErrNET.3W® verifies that analytics is installed on your site!

Websites have become the new storefront for most companies. Businesses compete for maximal visibility on the Internet to attract new visitors and convert them to customers. Companies invest a significant amount of time, money, and effort to optimize their sites to achieve this. A critical mistake that many companies make is not installing analytics software on their websites to track the results of their marketing campaigns and search engine optimizations. Without these results, the effectiveness of marketing strategies and techniques cannot be measured, which increases “time to market” and leads to loss of potential sales.

Analytics software tracks and reports website traffic and visitor behavior. The most widely used and recommended analytics program is Google Analytics. Google Analytics was released in 2005 and has evolved in to a very sophisticated tracking system. This program tracks the total number of daily sessions, unique visitors and their geographical locations, and new versus returning visitors. The quality or level of engagement of each visitor is also tracked, which includes time spent on a website, number of pages visited, the specific web page(s) visited, and bounce rate. The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. This value is a general indicator of the interest level in a website. The powerful tools provided by Google Analytics allow businesses to quickly assess the yields of marketing techniques and make necessary adjustments to maximize their online exposure and sales conversion rates.

The installation of Google Analytics is straightforward and requires just the insertion of a snippet of code on each website page. For more information about this installation process, please see this Google Support article. A common oversight when installing Google Analytics is not adding its tracking code on each web page, which often occurs when new pages are added to the site. This will greatly affect the accuracy of tracking data.

ErrNET.3W® scans each web page of your site to verify that Google Analytics tracking code is properly installed on each page.

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