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Blogs are an essential marketing tool for any online business. They drive traffic to your site, and improve SEO, branding and customer relationships.

Blogging is integral to any online content marketing strategy, whether you are a small business or a large multinational corporation.

There are several important reasons that your company needs to blog:

Drives traffic to your website. Blogging is singlehandedly the most powerful vehicle for marketing your products or services through the social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or anywhere else). Your outgoing blogs will be viewed and quickly spread throughout social media. This will place your website in a position to attract a whole new set of visitors from a massive market segment. Blogs also give you a prime opportunity to experiment with various marketing content to determine which versions drive the most new traffic back to your site.

Improves SEO. Blogging is important for search engine optimization (SEO) for two primary reasons. First, search engines prefer websites that are frequently updated with new content. Providing a blog on your site for visitors to leave comments, ask questions etc., is an efficient means to keep your website content fresh. Second, search engines prefer websites that are linked to through external, third-party pages. A high number of external links to your site shows that it is relevant, useful, important, and of high quality. The SEO tactic for getting external pages to link to your site is called linkbuilding. Blogging is the fastest, most efficient method for linkbuilding.

Helps Brand Positioning. Blogging is an efficient means for product and company branding. Posting news or research articles show that you are a knowledgeable and competent industry leader. This builds trust and confidence with your potential and existing customers and greatly assists with marketing your products or services. The marketing goal is to become your industry’s “go to” source for information to “pull” in new customers.

Builds Customer Relationships. Blogs are an effective way to further strengthen your relationships with your customers. Staying connected through blogs demonstrates your commitment to accessibility. It shows you are always there to answer questions, discuss industry-related topics or address any concerns they may have. These deeper relationships will strengthen customer retention. Additionally, website blogs act as a marketing tool to attract new customers. Blogs dialogues are permanent and new visitors will read your interactions with customers, which will immediately build trust and confidence in your company, and products or services.

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