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Non-friendly URL

Unfriendly links have a negative impact on online sales and marketing. ErrNET.3W® detects unfriendly links and suggests alternative, user-friendly links!

URL stands for “uniform resource locater,” which is commonly known as a “hyperlink” or simply a “link.” Links are ubiquitous throughout most websites. They serve many important purposes, such as for downloading product information (brochures), linking to external reference articles, linking to other company websites, and linking within the website to navigate to other pages etc.

A common problem with links is how they are displayed on a website. They are often long and contain various symbols and numbers. This causes several problems. First, long, cumbersome links are not aesthetically pleasing to website visitors and are difficult to remember. Second, they are often broken at the end of sentences and page breaks rendering them inactive. Third, they are difficult to work with. Long links frequently get truncated when a user copies and pastes the link to share with others through email, blogs or social media. A truncated link is broken or inactive, which will negatively affect potential marketing opportunities from your website visitors. Fourth, unfriendly links negatively affect search engine ranks as they make indexing website information difficult for Internet robots.

Here is an example of a link in an unfriendly, cumbersome form, and a much more user-friendly version of the same link:

Not Friendly = www.website.com/cgi-bin/gen.pl?id=8&view=standard

Friendly = www.website.com/service/more-info

Our product ErrNET.3W® will automatically scan your site and detect any unfriendly links. In addition, ErrNET.3W includes a URL Condenser which is made possible through its TinyURL technology. When ErrNET.3W detects an unfriendly link, it will create and suggest a friendly link via the TinyURL technology.

For example:

ErrNET.3W would detect the following link as unfriendly:


…and suggest it be replaced with:


Once unfriendly links on your website are transformed to user-friendly links, your visitors will have convenient links to work with (copy & paste), and your search engine results will improve.

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