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Wordy website copy will turn off your visitors and lower search engine rankings. ErrNET.3W® will make your website text more concise and improve its readability!

When new visitors come to your website, there is a small window of opportunity to gain their business. Your website needs to quickly draw them in and clearly describe what your product or service is, does, how it works, and its value. Visual aids such as screen shots, diagrams, videos etc., and concise writing are essential. Long, verbose website copy for describing products or services is a huge turn off to visitors. Most visitors will not spend the time to read it and will quickly move on. In addition to losing potential customers, wordy writing will also negatively impact search engine results. Unnecessary verbiage dilutes the relevance of your website’s keywords, so organic keyword searches will result in lower search engine rankings.

A reading comprehension study was conducted by linguists in 1979 that clearly demonstrated how comprehension is affected by sentence length. The results showed that 95% of people understood sentences of eight words having read them just once. Only 4% of the same group understood sentences of 27 words or more after a single reading. This study clearly demonstrates the importance of concise writing to hold the attention and interest of website visitors. In 1975, the United States Navy developed a text analysis program for reading ease called the Flesch readability test. This analysis evaluates writing based on sentence and paragraph length and calculates a “readability score.” The Flesch score ranges from zero to 100. Higher scores, 50 and above, indicate concise writing that is easy to read and understand. Lower scores, under 50, indicate verbose writing that is confusing and difficult to understand.

ErrNET.3W® analyzes website text and calculates a Flesch score. The Flesch score is translated in to its corresponding readability level and presented in the ErrNET.3W report. In addition, ErrNET.3W marks sentences over 30 words, and underlines any verbose or redundant phrases to be removed.

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